Please Pardon Our Dust


Dear Friends: This site is under construction, and we hope to have our first blog post up soon. In the meantime, please keep up with news and views here.


9 Responses to “Please Pardon Our Dust”

  1. ben d. Says:

    I got here first.

  2. Isis Says:

    Indeed! Welcome. We are working on some good stuff, and look forward to your usual pithy insights. 🙂

  3. Pedro Says:


    Ben beat me to it.

  4. Sam Hopkins Says:

    Great future site; I’m certain!

    MUT’s….um….uh….I mean ISIS’s ‘citizen journalist’ ground breaking innovation is probabley being copied right now; well that’s part and parcel to our free economy, thank God!

    Isis will you need to patent anything; internet, brick and mortar stuff?

    Anyway, in explaining my own self, and self interests, being that I am a retired military member, I have been guilty of letting my emotions about topics which are security related get the better of me, and fail to reason with posters in a thoughtful manner. I will vow to not remain misinformed on topic, and only post (what I consider) forthright comments/posts, and hold a position, which is, at least backed up by either, at least 1 citizen journalist, or possibley drudge, and/or FOX.

    Not to say I’m lock step with any particular political philosophy, just a natural tendency to follow a more conservative approach than….oh….let’s say… Paul Krugman, Ramirez-the president of the ACLU- Chomsky, Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, and the like etc…………..

    I will say for my part, the loyalty of many people of the Islamic faith is one of the few positive highlights of the present AGWOT; i.e. loyal interpreters, Kurdish leaders, some Iraqi town/village mayors who have fought personally, and staunchly support most American military commanders personally to try to rid their own communities of the foriegn terrorists which are the perpetuators of uproar there.

    One very well known independent journalist has mounds of video and other (journal, recordings etc…) from Mosul, and the surrounding area which testify to the absolute bravery, and courage of many of the police and Iraqi military units fighting with Americans every day there.

    It is very much a two way street, it’s just disheartening to recieve the continious gloom and doom so well played up by the MSM.

    Real journalism in that part of the world is hard to come by; at least, for your average CBS Evening News watching public.

    I hope you two are the initial buck in that misinformational agenda ridden trend!

    And I also appreciate ISIS allowing some personal, long winded, historical information in the ACOC library.

    By the way, um….SMART do you think mortgage insurance is a good idea, with my minimal amount of equity in the home, and low yield investments being all I can afford now?

  5. Sam Hopkins Says:

    Just wanted either of you to give me your outlook on groups like the ACLU, La Raza, Open Society, and similar groups? Are they as influential and powerful as the research would have us believe?

    Do you believe groups like the ACLJ, and the Thomas More Law Center are too little too late, or are they necessary, or what?

  6. Sam Says:

    Name edit

  7. smartandfinalisis Says:

    Dear Sam:

    If you have any link to the Mosul video information, it would be deeply appreciated by me. I have limited time now — I will respond more fully latter on. I will return to address some other questions. ISIS.

  8. June Says:

    Got here!!! Great posts.

  9. Smart Says:

    June, welcome to the site, and please feel free to give us suggestions on how to make it better.

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