Who are Smart and Isis?


 Hello!  We are two conservative, Republican women who met in a chat room filled with fans of a big-time conservative icon.  Through postings, PMs and email messages, we became electronic friends, as we discovered we shared much in common.  For example, we both heartily support the principles of capitalism and desire limited government.  We hate high taxes and have disdain for wild-eyed, man-hating feminists. 

Over the course of the past six months, we both noticed deterioration in the quality and civility in chat room dialog related to several important issues of national importance – immigration and interaction with the Islamic community (on both national and international levels).  The level of discourse has also slowly corroded in the Rightosphere blog sites that are the mainstay of debate in our electronic domain.  Neither of us could disagree with fellow chat room members on weighty, controversial matters without being pounded with posts filled with derogatory language, trite remarks, and closed-minded perspectives.  Certain chat room members no longer wanted to engage in respectful debate nor consider new information sources or links to websites that offered alternative viewpoints.  Some of these vitriolic members strive to silence those who disagree.

However, the Rightosphere is a very complex community (despite reports of the contrary).  Many, many other of our chat room friends also share our viewpoints.  They, too, wish to have a rational review of national policy and international matters.  They desire that important policy decisions not be based on fear and enforced ignorance.  These friends have provided us with the support and incentive to carve out a new place in the blogosphere, where differing ideas and fresh perceptions are offered.  This blogsite is that place.

While we have much in common, like many good teams, our differences strengthen us.  Smartsoimustbeabitch (aka Smartso) is the Left Brain of this operation (logical, sequential, “Detail” person).  Isis is the Right Brain (Intuitive, Synthesizing, “Big Picture” person).  Together, we are a whole that desire to present a more complete view of this crazy world.  The following are specific details on us:

 SMART:  I am an investment banker and Senior Vice President for a large dealer bank, with over thirty years experience working with financial institutions and state and local governments.  I have degrees in finance and economics.  My interests range from economics and the expanding world business stage to the simplicity of country life in America.  Growing up on a working cattle ranch, I am no stranger to the American work ethic, and believe it to be our strongest export.

Smart –  Economist, Citizen Pundit, Left Brain of this Blog

 ISIS:  I am a scientist/technical writer by trade and an historian by hobby.  I have degrees in geology, chemistry and biochemistry.  I am an environmental health and safety officer with biotechnical firm and do freelance technical writing/consulting for local media outlets around my southern California community.   I am a published author and an avid Egyptologist.

My readings, interests and travel have brought me into contact with many Muslims, American and foreign.  One of my main objectives here is to bring some insights into the diversity and complexity of Islamic faith and put a human face on some of its practitioners (the peace-loving, terror-hating ones that desire separation of mosque and state).  I will also be offering information to science-related matters (e.g, global warming and stem cell research).   Perhaps my greatest pleasure will be my reports on the implosion of the Mainstream Media, who dribble out indulgent liberalism while being overcome by the New Media (of which I am now a part).

I look forward to sharing my insights with you.  Please comment, as blogging is lonely work.


 Isis – Scientist and Historian,  Citizen Journalist, The Right Brain of this blog


6 Responses to “Who are Smart and Isis?”

  1. Jeff Says:

    do the right and left brain references have any political meaning here? if so, I’m going to be *horribly* shocked concerned one of you who shall not be named….

  2. Jeff Says:

    nevermind. read through it again, and see there is no political connotation. that’s what I get for posting comments after just a quick glance!

  3. Kenny Says:

    Hello ladies!

    This is your old buddy TubaKhan from that unnamed chat room!

    Love what you’ve done with the place so far!

    A few curtains and a throw rug or two and – voila!

    Seriously, I’m looking forward to read more!

  4. Bob Says:

    Hello! I’m not a regular “blog visitor” so I probably won’t post often, but just like to say congratulations for your new site.

  5. Bob Says:

    Oops! Just noticed that the clock here is 4 hours fast.

  6. Pedro Says:

    Good show, gals.

    This will be fun.

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