Thanks for your interest.


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank our new readers for their interest and comments on our new blog. Smart and I both welcome you, and are very grateful you have stopped in to say “hello” and check out the site.

I notice many here have linked onto us because of the “Guide to Sensible Islam Posting” article. I urge you to give Smart’s posts (especially “Fear of Aliens”) a glance. You will learn more from one of Smart’s pieces about economics than you did in a quarter of college economics. We need to be able to sensibly discuss the immigration issue, too.

Winged IsisI would also like to make one, last point. I will be editing the comments section. I will not tolerate distasteful, discourteous language in my electronic home. I will also not permit one-word wonders either, whose entries do nothing to enhance thoughtful discussion. I have had tons of experience coordinating links and references in a Conservative Forum. I intend to use my hard-won skills here.

PS. And Smart is meaner than I am. Her handle on our chat room site was Smartsoimustbeabitch. You have been warned! 🙂


8 Responses to “Thanks for your interest.”

  1. Asher Abrams Says:

    Thank you for your excellent new blog! I wish you much success in your important work. I’ve linked you on my sidebar and plan to make SFI one of my daily reads.

  2. isis13 Says:

    Thanks so much!

    But you have put me under lots of pressure!!! I now have to come up with a daily piece of wisdom! 🙂

    Welcome. And I am grateful for the support to keep up this new website. We need to reach out in friendship during these turbulent times.

  3. Bob Welz Says:

    Mut invited me here. So far, what I’ve read is very interesting. I’ll be spending more time here as allowed. My thanks.

  4. josh43 Says:

    I would be willing to put forth on a semi-regular basis (with your approval, editing and posting of it, of course) a “question of the day”.


    BTW, the email I originally put onto this site is mistaken. Unfortunately, it is a combination of my work and home address.

    Are your emails available on this site? Or would it just be best to re-register?

  5. Dean's World Says:

    Riding Herd On Comments

    Isis is already planning out her new blog’s comment policies.

    This is wise. I don’t know how many good bloggers–sometimes even exp…

  6. isis13 Says:

    Josh43: I tried to email you. Due to the sudden interest in my site from Jihad Watch, I am hesitant to give out my email publicly. Perhaps if you can supply me an alternative email, or post a thoughtful question in “comments”. I see those in an “inbox” and will give your queries respectful consideration.

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