Egyptian Mummies


Dear Friends:

My previous incarnation on the blogosphere was “MUTNODJMET”, a name taken from the last queen of the fabulous 18th Dynasty of Egypt and the sister of Queen Nefertiti. During our correspondence, my blogosphere buddy, Ali, nicknamed me Isis. That handle has stuck!

However, many of my chat room friends still refer to me as MUT. You and they will find my first attempt at blogging appears at Mutnodjmet’s Musings. You will find that I will now maintain that site for all things ancient Egypt, as well as links to other materials if historical import. If you are interested, a detailed description of the evolution of ancient Egyptian mummification is posted. I hope to see some readers!


2 Responses to “Egyptian Mummies”

  1. josh43 Says:

    Interesting post on the mumification process. Thanks.


    Is there consensus among the experts on what the below phrase meant during this civilization’s time?

    “You will live again, you will live forever. Behold, you are young again forever”.

    Was this said to help reinforce the above concepts?

    Or was this a known concept and this was a way to comfort the soul of the deceased?

    As you can tell, I am not much of an Egyptologist. 🙂

  2. homeyra Says:

    Thanks for the link, seems very interesting.

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