Dr. Mustafa Ceric


I have been on a quest to learn more about alternative visions of Islam — ones that feature fellowship, religious tolerance, and peaceful co-existence with non-Muslims. I am delighted to say that I have learned about such a Muslim, Dr. Mustafa Ceric, from one of the kind visitors to this site: Samaha.

Samaha writes:

Today, he is no longer greeted with Selam Aleyk “effendija” (Bosnian term for Imam), he is greeted with Selam Aleyk “Reis”! Dr. Mustafa Ceric is now Reis-Ulema of Bosnia and what that means is that he is “the supreme authority” of all Muslims and Clerics in Bosnia. Possibly even more important is that he is known as One of Europe’s top Islamic thinkers” and a mediator between Islam and Christianity”. It is because of his inter-faith work that he was recipient of the 2003 UNESCO Félix Houphouët-Boigny peace prize along with Monsignor Etchegaray.

But, beyond all of that, Reis-Ulema Mustafa Ceric is a man that calls for Muslims to be responsible. He calls for integration within an immigrants respective community. He also calls for Muslims to use reason instead of violence to voice their concerns. He is a man that understands that reform needs to take place not in Islam itself, but rather with Muslims themselves:

You can tell from her blog entry that she has profound admiration and respect for this cleric’s views. I am sure Samaha and many, many other Muslims are much more inclined to follow Dr. Mustafa Ceric’s then the rape-supporting, Australian mufti Sheikh Taj Din al-Hilali (whose insane rantings are currently getting tons of attention in the Rightosphere.)

Conservatives and Christians are often angered that they are unfairly branded by the toxicity of some of their most extreme members. Why, then, should we focus on the extreme members of a religion consisting of over 1 billion members?

For those, like myself, interested in learning more about this heroic individual, do check in with Samaha. Also, take some time to read these articles:

Dr. Mustafa Ceric
UK Muslims Urged to Accept West
Islamic Encounters of the Third Kind

One of the biggest concerns that many conservative Americans have is that there seem to be no Islamic cleric promoting religious ideology that would be supportive of democracy. Yet I do believe that the title of “Grand Mufti” means that Dr. Ceric is a supreme authority on Islam. And his ideals seem consistent with the US Constitutional principles that we on the right hold so dear.

And just to provide a more complete story, here is how the article “Islamic Encounters of the Third Kind” was dismissed by “Jihad Watch“:

This is just typical PR rubbish from the moslem side.
And here is some more from the BBC


Question: Who is truly promoting fellowship and understanding, Dr. Ceric or this Jihad Watch author? Your answer will say much about you.


7 Responses to “Dr. Mustafa Ceric”

  1. josh43 Says:

    IMHO, your comment, “Your answer will say much about you” infers that you are either looking only for responses that agree with your viewpoint or if someone does have a different viewpoint, it must be of a negative character.

    Maybe I am wrong and am reading too much into this. 🙂

  2. isis13 Says:

    josh43: My philosophy is that good people can disagree on a subject and still be good people. The Jihad Watch author sited above insultingly references Muslims and offers no thoughtful refutation of the Islamic Encounters of the Third Kind essay. Therefore, between Dr. Ceric and the JW writer, it is clear who is promoting respectful interaction.

  3. josh43 Says:

    isis, I see your point. 🙂

  4. isis13 Says:

    josh43: Read my tribute to the Anchoress. She is the reason for my perspective, and the inspiration behind the blog. Thanks for taking the time to comment on this new endeavor.

  5. josh43 Says:

    I read your Anchoress post right after my last post here. Some great writing as per my comment. Thanks for the link.


    You know, I really liked that you drew from LGF and JW on two of your posts. I rarely read the comments and never actually comment on these blogs. I think it must be a subconscious desire on my part that I am repelled by the intense and non-productive comments of these blogs.

    However, I do frequent them daily. More and more I find myself just opening the link and reading the article and avoiding the blog owners commentary. This way I can make my own judgments of the news. Still, I do read the commentary more than not.

    Anyways, I am wondering if this (drawing from other blogs) could be continued periodically but with a f/u respectful discussion from this blog. Just like you just did on the LGF’s post.

    Anyways, just my 2 cents worth.

    You guys have done well on the new start of your blog!

  6. isis13 Says:

    Josh43: A great question. In the interest of full disclosure, I am a newbie to the blogging community. Truly, I am a lesser light in this galaxy of thought, opinion, data, and statistics. You will find Dean Esmay of Dean’s World (a respected member of the Pajamas Media) has started a blog review along the lines you propose.

    JAFI Watch: http://deanesmay.com/posts/1161222786.shtml

    You will find a link to his site on my blogroll, and I will be directing my readers to Dean’s continuing series.

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