The Anchoress: My Blogging Icon


I would like to use my electronic soapbox for a moment to pay tribute to a fabulous writer, creative thinker, and remarkable human being: The Anchoress:

I urge all who visit here to go to her blog for her articles, which are a mixture of the insightful, the humorous, and the profound. For me, she is to blogging what Rush Limbaugh is to talk radio.

What do I mean by that? Back in 1990, I was a sometimes voter, a self-proclaimed feminist favoring abortion-on-demand, and responsibility-avoider. I mindlessly voted Democrat on each and every election. In 1991, I accidentally tuned into Rush Limbaugh. I stayed tuned, inspired by his message. Rush, with great humor and optimism, made be rethink my view of the world. It took me over a year, but eventually I changed my train of thought and embraced Conservatism (which I do this day). [Sadly, not before I voted for B.J. Clinton (but that is another story for another day).]

In 2004, I began surfing the Internet regularly and chatting on Conservative sites. At this time, I became acquainted with the Anchoress on-line. When I found myself disagreeing with fellow Conservatives, it was at those time she and I would be in alignment. Like Rush, the Anchoress has made me review many cherished beliefs. She has given me the incentive to quest for new links, fresh contacts, and alternative Internet sites in which to dialog.

She also taught me the most valuable Internet lesson: Good people can disagree on a subject and still be good people.

I adore her.

I was originally going to discuss her in the context of the Stem Cell Ad controversy. As the safety officer in a biotech company, I am acutely aware of the importance of good research. As a freelance writer, I am highly aware how ignorant most reporters are about the basics of biology and standard research protocol. I want to use this blog to promote sound science policy.

In her recent writings, the Anchoress has made all the essential points, and I can’t add a word more:

Unhappily for me, she also took my radio icon to task. However, I find I cannot completely disagree with her excellent points.

Rush is a smart man and he had to know – he had to know – that questioning Fox’s tremorous bona fides would be red meat for the left, that it would immediately be seized upon as evidence that conservatives were indeed “heartless bastards” and used against Limbaugh and anyone else who dared question Fox’s pronouncments.

The left is full of people who live for the chance to swing from one “moral outrage” to the next, yelping like ADHD-afflicted Tarzans in a fetid jungle. To them it does not matter whether the day’s “outrage” is genuine or not, as long as it get them where they are going. All Rush did, when he gabbed on about tremors and meds was give them another day’s swinging vine and a new call-out. It helped create too much noise, and did nothing to advance real understanding of the issues surrounding ESCR or to convince the campaign ad’s emotional captives that its content was nonsense. Yes, the visual image of Fox swaying about was affecting but that could have been addressed as an afterthought, to much better effect.

I do understand why Rush got fed up. I too am sick of the Democrats parading “unassailable” victims chock full of “absolute moral authority” that play on hearts and shut down thoughts, allowing folks to frolick in the emotional porn of empathetic (and therefore “compassionate and noble”) feeeeeelings. But Rush is supposed to know better. He’s supposed to know the left the way he knows “every inch” of his so-called “glorious naked body,” and so he should have monologued a bit more strategically.

Today, I discovered something about herself that caused me to weep. This woman is the essence of grace.

I am going to conclude my piece with some recommendations on Celtic Music that I love, in honor of the the Anchoress:

And, dear Anchoress, I toast you. Since my ancestors are Romanian, I can’t quite take Guiness. I just found a wonderful Irish import called Smithwick’s, and I raise a tall, frosty glass of it to you.


3 Responses to “The Anchoress: My Blogging Icon”

  1. josh43 Says:

    “allowing folks to frolick in the emotional porn of empathetic (and therefore “compassionate and noble”) feeeeeelings. ”

    What a great line!!

  2. rusty57 Says:

    The Anchoress went a lot easier on Rush than I would have. Even if Rush believed Michael J. Fox’s tremors were staged, Fox has an incurable, debilitating illness. And unlike Parkinsons, which is usually hereditary, Rush’s own illness is self inflicted.

    The problem with someone like Rush, is that he is a partisan. He’s a Republican version of James Carville. These are the people who spend too long inside politics and see it as a sporting event. Our team vs. their team. Rush was so focused on scoring political points for his team that he gave no thought to the fact that he was making fun of someone’s illness.

  3. ConsrvYank1 Says:

    I very much believe that “good people can disagree on a subject and still be good people.” I just wish more people would believe it.

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