Death of an American Mother


Smart and Final Isis would like to take this opportunity to offer our deepest sympathy to the family of Alia Ansari, a 38-year old American mother of six who was gunned down in central Fremont as she walked to pick up her children from school.  This American’s death is a loss for all of us.

I did not know her.  I only discovered her story after it was mentioned by Samaha in a previous post.  Mrs. Ansari was the essence of the American spirit, striving to make a better life for her family.  Here is a small portion of Mrs. Ansari’s biography:

The 17-year-old Ansari, the older of two daughters, quickly moved into the role of second parent, helping raise the two youngest brothers.

It was the beginning of a two-decade life in America defined by and constantly intertwined with family and obligation, her brothers said.

And “mother” was a role that would define the Afghan war refugee till the end. When she was shot Thursday by an unknown killer, Ansari was walking with her 3-year-old daughter as they went to pick up two older children from elementary school, five blocks from their two-bedroom apartment.

“She pretty much dedicated her life to raising and serving the family,” said Hamoyon Ansari, 36, who lives in Sunnyvale and who visited her nearly every day.

She endeavored to make her way in the United States, and assisted others in making the important transitions necessary to becoming American citizens.

After her brother Fazayun Ansari brought his wife from Afghanistan in 2000, it was Alia Ansari who took her to English classes. When she was pregnant, it was Alia Ansari who drove her to doctor’s appointments.

“Alia was always there,” said Fazayun Ansari, 33, who lived in another apartment complex on the other side of a fence from his sister.

Mrs. Ansari embraced her religion, Islam. As an American, she practiced freely her faith and chose to wear an emblem of that faith to honor Islam.

As a pious Muslim woman, she never left home without her hijab, the traditional head scarf worn by Muslim women. She was proud of her hijab. In the aftermath of the attacks of September 11, 2001, some of her friends and relatives, afraid of reprisal attacks, took off their hijabs. Alia encouraged them not to compromise their religion, especially when they had nothing to do with those crimes. As for herself, she told them that she would never take off her hijab, even if someone put a gun to her head demanding that she do so. Alia said that her hijab was her flag.

Frankly, I and some of my fellow Conservatives are concerned about the San Fransisco Chronicle’s reference to this heinous incident as a hate crime. As far as we are concerned, all such detestable acts are hate crimes. There is still no identification of this perpetrator nor a report on the motivation for this crime.  No matter — this despicable villain must be apprehended and receive the maximum possible penalty, no matter what his/her reason for this mindless slaughter. The death penalty would be my punishment of choice. It seems Mr. Ansari, however, has a different mind on this subject:

Her husband, contrary to the caricature of the vindictive, hateful, enraged Muslim, mentioned how the family did not wish her martyrdom be treated as a hate crime, because he did not want her death to be a source of agitation in the area’s large Muslim community. He also mentioned that the family would not want the murderer executed, because that would not bring his wife back. His wife was a martyr, her place in Paradise secure – for him that was enough.

His gentle voice was most emphatic when he mentioned that he did not want his wife’s death to be politicized. Rather, he wanted her spirit of love and reconciliation to prevail after her passing as it had during her life. He spoke of his desire that her funeral be a solemn service, where people of all faiths could gather to remind each other just how important it is to work to remove the pernicious stain of racial and religious hatred from this society lest it lead to ever deepening spirals of senseless violence.

Let me take the opportunity of this occasion to make some other points, which should be weighed in discussions of Islam on the Internet. Many pundits and bloggers will use the incident of a Christian death or abuse at the hands of Muslims and demand that Islamic Organizations (e.g., Council of American-Islamic Relations) issue a statement, or that Humanist Muslims publically denounce the act. However, there are evil people following all religions.  Does the Pope really need to condemn all crimes committed by Catholics at every instance so that we can trust all other Catholics? No.

I have asked Humanist Muslim readers of this blog to condemn the sensless act of cowardly violence against a teenage Christian in Palestine. They have done so. We non-Muslims and conservatives likewise condemn this crime. From this point forward, we acknowledge Muslims embracing peace and religious tolerance do not celebrate Christian deaths. We sorrow over the loss of law-abiding, faithful followers of Islam and fellow Americans such as Mrs. Ansari.

When websites choose to list crimes committed strictly by members of one group, it can be easy to dehumanize and disregard that group. Especially when no mention is given of their humanity, good deeds, heroism, and acts of compassion (such as Mr. Ansari’s). That is why Smart and Final Isis refuses to promote the Daily Outrage Story on this site.

It is very worthwhile to report the actions and tactics of Al-Qaeda, HAMAS, Islamic Jihad, and other terror organizations.  Smart and Isis agree that significant news stories (e.g., Pakistani Forces Kill Militants) are well worth promoting, discussing and celebrating. Islamic terrorists are a danger to us all — Americans, conservatives and Humanist Muslims. However, other websites do this quite well already, and this blog site is devoted to finding alternative outlets of information.

A friend and scholar on another site I visit regularly, Rusty57, says it best:

I did a little searching on the rightosphere for the story (note: the Alia Ansari death). Anyone who’s relying totally on Jihadwatch, LGF, Frontpage, Worldnetdaily, Drudge or Newsmax for all of their news won’t find this story because none of those sites chose to report on this story. And that’s another reason why, regardless of whether you are conservative or liberal, you shouldn’t be relying solely on rightwing or leftwing news sites. You need a variety of sources to be informed.

Another friend and citizen journalist from the Rightosphere, who lives close to Fremont, is monitoring this story, and will provide Smart and Final Isis updates on the developments in this case. We all desire justice for the family of Alia Ansari.

Note: See Update above. 


12 Responses to “Death of an American Mother”

  1. The Anchoress » Remembering a loving mother, lovingly Says:

    […] Meanwhile, Smart and Final Isis writes of a different sort of death, and a different sort of American mother. […]

  2. samaha Says:

    Thank you Isis for bringing this story to the attention of your readers. Anyone that is following this thread and is planning on joining Hijab Day in honor of Alia Ansari, please let us know either here or on my own blog.

    I just have to say that terrorists are a danger to Americans, conservatives, liberals, republicans, democrats, Jews, Christians, Muslims (All), Hindus, Budhists, Europeans, Asians, Africans, South Americans, North Americans, the people from Mars and Elvis (both were last seen eating at my local McDonalds) 😉

  3. Shahed Says:

    Your site is a breath of fresh air. God bless you!

  4. Heather Y Says:

    I’m so glad I found you via Anchoress. Keep up the good work.

  5. Friday Linkloving « Unwilling Self-Negation Says:

    […] Smart & Final Isis writes about Alia Ansari, the mother in Fremont who was killed, and then evaluates the Rightosphere’s response (or lack thereof). […]

  6. Irving Says:


    There is also a Trust Fund set up for the family of Alia Ansari. For information on how to donate:

    Ya Haqq!

  7. Dean's World Says:

    Death of an American Mother

    Isis and Smart remember.

  8. UPDATE: Death of An American Mother « Smart and Final Isis Says:

    […] Smart and Final Isis Economy, History, Science and Attitude. « Death of an American Mother […]

  9. Scorpius Says:

    While I am with you on catching this murderer and giving that person the maximum penalty allowed by law; I am not with you on the other. When Christian/Jews/Buddhists commit violence it usually is despite the fact that they are Christian/Jews/Buddhists, there just exists a level of violence which comes around since we are all flawed humans. However there is a much heightened level of violence in the muslim world and in countries (France, where hundreds of cars are burned every night by Moslems) because of Islam, in the name of Islam, and to further Islam.

    Just the facts, Ma’am

  10. isis13 Says:

    Scorpius: You argue that “there is a much heightened level of violence in the muslim world and in countries ….. because of Islam, in the name of Islam, and to further Islam.”

    I would and will argue otherwise as I will do in future blogs. Islam is not our enemy. Embracing blind, anti-Islamic stances plays into the hands of Islamic terror organizers. In my opinion, the smarter tactic against their evil is to support Humanist Muslims and ensure their success. I hope you will be back here to read alternative views and and open to new perspectives on this subject.

  11. jewaira Says:

    Thank you for sharing this sad story and your level point of view.

  12. josh43 Says:

    I too condemn this irrational act of violence. No one has the right to take the life of another human being. The trauma to the children, especially the 3 yr old, is mind boggling.


    I could not have said it better myself.

    “Embracing blind, anti-Islamic stances plays into the hands of Islamic terror organizers. In my opinion, the smarter tactic against their evil is to support Humanist Muslims and ensure their success.”

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