Honor to Have Been Nominated…


…..much less win. 

Smart and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Watcher’s Concil for taking notice of my small post, Isis’ Guide to Sensible Islam Posting.  Here is their statement:

The Watcher’s Council has announced its picks for the most outstanding posts of the preceding week. ….The winning non-Council post was Smart and Final Isis’s post, “Isis’ Guide to Sensible Islam Posting”. I’m very gratified that this eminently sound post (which I nominated) found such favor with the Council. The second place non-Council post was Michael Fumento’s “Covering Iraq: the Modern Way of War Correspondence”.

Blogging can be lonely work. It is a thrill no know someone reads our thoughts and deems them sound! We appreciate the honor, and it gives us needed incentive to carry on!! Thanks for your recognition.


3 Responses to “Honor to Have Been Nominated…”

  1. Dave Schuler Says:

    Hopefully, your link last week over at Dean’s World, your link there today (actually two links), and your Watcher’s Council win will bring you a little traffic.

  2. isis13 Says:

    I am glad you stopped by! 🙂 If I get a few quality readers and contributors, such as yourself, I will be content.

  3. samaha Says:


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