Mexican Chaos Underreported


Journalism intrigues me. In my practice and study of the art and science of news reporting, I have discovered bias and agendas are as much indicated with what is NOT reported, and sometimes more so, then what is reported.

Smart and I feel that social and political health is enhanced by economic stability. For example, much of the border security debate in this country has roots in Mexico’s economic woes. Corrupt politicians, drug cartel overlords, and ultra-socialist activists in that country combine to quash healthy and legal enterprises that would give Mexicans incentive to remain in their country.

Between John Kerry’s mouth, the upcoming congressional elections, and focus on the troubles in Iraq, several essential items about trivails in Mexico are going underreported. Below, I offer links to some of the developments in Mexico that Smart and I feel deserve some attention:

A Disaster in Oaxaca

With Be-headings and Attacks, Drug Cartels Terrorize Mexico

President-elect Felipe’s Calderon’s Difficulties with Obrador Supporters

We can’t understand the lack of more detailed media coverage. Smart and Isis encourage our Internet readers to keep informed on the current situation in Mexico utilizing the tools of the new media. These events are likely to impact us.


2 Responses to “Mexican Chaos Underreported”

  1. Dave Schuler Says:

    Mark in Mexico, who lives in Oaxaca, has been providing ongoing coverage of the strike. He’s posted lots of pictures of what’s been going on there. His point of view is somewhat, er, different from that of Indymedia, the other source for information (the American journalist murdered down there was reporting for Indymedia). A little less worker’s struggle, if you know what I mean.

  2. isis13 Says:

    Thanks for a great link, to Mark in Mexico. I will be sure to take a look! 🙂

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