UPDATE: Death of An American Mother


As promised in yesterday’s post, Smart and Final Isis has a citizen journalist following the investigation into Alia Ansari’s brutal murder. Flyingcloud, a true scholar and gentlemen, has contacted the Fremont Police and reports:

I was told that the police have no idea yet about the motive for the crime, and are also still seeking information about who the shooter is. I got the impression that checking with family and friends have not lead the police toward solving this crime. The Sargent that I was speaking to said that a random killing is the hardest type of crime to solve.

One of my favorite TV programs is “Forensic Files” on Court TV. While the police Sargent is correct, this program demonstrates good forensics and tips can solve difficult cases. Smart and Isis pray that the justice prevails.

In a related story, graffiti reading “Alia Ansari RIP” has been pointed onto the walls of churches and business within the community. As of this post, the neither the names of the graffiti writers or their motivation could be confirmed. The Ansari family said:

No one, including Fremont police, could provide answers Monday. A rumor is circulating that some disgruntled Afghan youths are upset about the Thursday shooting death of Alia Ansari, 38, as she picked up three of her six children from Glenmoor Elementary School. And, the rumor has it, they’re looking for a fight.

“We have no connection to this,” cousin Amin Ansari, 26, said. “We totally object to it. I don’t know what their point is. We don’t want any negative comments attributed toward anyone else in the community.”

Meanwhile, one of the painted churches behaved with classic, Christian grace:

One of the churches, Centerville Presbyterian Church on Central Avenue, isn’t going to erase the black spray paint: Members are embracing it.

On Monday, a women’s group from that church hung a small green wreath with white flowers next to the graffiti: “Alia Ansari R.I.P.

This story offers a classic example of why the United States of America is great. I feel one of Europe’s most serious problems is that there is essential segregation of immigrant and native populations. Immigrants are not permitted to effectively assimilate and the dire situation that it promotes atmospheres in which civil unrest occurs (e.g., car and bus burnings in France). It says much about the Afghan immigrants if, as may be the case, their youth sprayed a few walls instead of torched cars and buses. It also says much about the empathic Presbyterians who hung the wreath to honor the memory a fellow American. It is that type of gesture that heals communities and nations.

Speaking of healing gestures, Smart and Final Isis has been able to confirm the existence and authenticity of the Alia Ansari Trust Fund. The monies will be used to assist Mr. Ansari and the six motherless children during their difficult days ahead. Thank you, in advance, for any contributions.

Smart and Isis would also like to thank Flyingcloud, who will keep us informed of any futher developments.


2 Responses to “UPDATE: Death of An American Mother”

  1. Death of an American Mother « Smart and Final Isis Says:

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  2. samaha Says:

    Isis, I read in another early article that they had apprehended someone in this shooting. Have they freed him then?

    I’m so sorry to hear about the graffiti and touched by the wreath that was made by one of the church goers. This is what has to be done, we have to set examples for dealing with wrongs. The blog that you linked to for the trust fund has a post in which he discusses the amazing reaction of the Amish to the school shootings that happened earlier this fall. Not only did they set up a trust fund for the victims, but one for the shooters family as well.

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