Islam Internet Community


One of my blogging icons is Ali Eteraz.  He has a genuine gift as an essayist, combining insight and humor in an engaging manner.  He has acted as my gateway into the Humanist Muslim Movement.

 He and other Muslims have started a wonderful new internet community,  I highly recommend this site for students of current events and past history, as well as those interested in supporting the Humanist Muslim ideals.

Eteraz is an online forum whose goal is to mobilize people of conscience throughout the world to identify, discuss, and take action on political and religious issues involving Islam and the Muslim world. Eteraz seeks a humanist vision of Islam for the future and looks to illuminate the wisdom and spirituality that made Islam a great religion historically by creating community, promoting informed opinions and more than anything else, moving its members to real world action.

Most, if not all topics touching on the religion and politics of Islam are appropriate at Eteraz. This forum represents people of widely diverging (and even conflicting) theologies. However, the soul of Eteraz is, and always has been, a) the simple idea that every human, man or woman, believer or atheist, wealthy or poor, has the same intrinsic worth, and can only be judged on the basis of his actions; and b) that it takes more than emails, and more than flowery articles, to stand up for the intrinsic worth of individuals.


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